What is Commissioning in Construction?

February 10, 2024

The commissioning process ensures that a building or system is designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with the owner’s operational requirements. It is a comprehensive and iterative process that begins during design review, continues through construction to the occupancy and operation phase, and includes ongoing commissioning functions after completion of construction.

A good way to think about what is commissioning in construction is that it’s a way for the project team to ensure that all of the pieces of the project are being installed properly. This can be done by consistently observing the construction process and performing inspections or verification activities such as quality checks, static testing and system assessments.

This can also be accomplished by using field software such as Autodesk Build to create a checklist of items that need to be checked and tracked collaboratively throughout the construction phase. This helps to make sure that equipment is being delivered and installed correctly, that a system is being started up per the manufacturer’s instructions, and more. It is a way to help ensure that the final product is being built as the designer intended, and it’s an important part of meeting requirements like those set forth in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards that were created over 15 years ago.

The most important thing to remember about what is commissioning in construction is that the earlier a commissioning team can be involved on the project, the more opportunity they have to detect and correct problems before they become expensive maintenance or safety issues. This can help to reduce project schedule delays and costs, while also improving the overall quality of the completed project.


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