What Is DD in Construction?

February 7, 2024

Designing a building is an intricate journey that involves a number of different phases. The most significant architectural processes are known as Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD) and Construction Documentation (CD). Each of these phases plays an essential role in ensuring the completion of projects within predetermined timelines. Let’s take a closer look at these design phases to understand the significance of each one.

What Is DD in Construction?

During the DD phase, architects delve into design alternatives to find an optimal solution that fulfills the client’s requirements. The process is also designed to address any potential issues that might arise during construction.

The DD phase is vital to engineering construction, as it helps to harmonize creativity with practicality and functionality. It also enables engineers to evaluate opportunities for cost optimization without compromising project quality.

A comprehensive DD phase reduces room for doubts and allows the contractors to quote accurate bids, accelerating construction timelines. Accurate and laboratory-tested construction documents also enable a seamless process of obtaining building permits.

Outsourcing SD, DD and CD services ensures precise GFC drawings that help architects to deliver designs as per the clients’ requirement, enabling quick client approvals and easier design modifications. This eliminates the pitfalls of silo-design workflows and design compliance issues that can lead to inefficient construction, costly mistakes, and low-quality construction.


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