What is Drafting in Architecture?

February 11, 2023

what is drafting in architecture

What is drafting in architecture?

Architectural drafting is the process of creating a drawing that describes the design of a building. This includes floor plans, sections, elevations and construction site plans for new buildings and renovation projects.

Architects create designs for houses, landscapes, commercial property and other structures. Once the architects and their clients approve the design, they turn it over to a drafter who prepares the technical drawings required for construction.

How to become a drafter

Most people assume that a drafter and an architect work together, but they are two distinct professions. Generally, an architect is responsible for the entire project from design through construction administration while a draftsperson is only responsible for the preparing of the technical drawings.

The primary differences between the two careers are the amount of education and licensing required for each. While a draftsperson requires no college degree, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture is required for an architect. They must also complete a minimum of two years of practical experience and pass an exam to qualify for their license.

How to draw a sketch

Architectural drawings must be accurate and precise. This means using a ruler and a protractor to draw the correct lines at the appropriate scale. You can also use a T-square to draw perfectly parallel lines.

How to make an architectural drawing on graph paper

The first step in making an architectural drawing is to get the right scale. You can start with a scale ruler or a protractor and then use a T-square to help you get a good fit. It is also a good idea to use limed squares on the graph paper to aid in measuring the measurements needed for an architectural drawing.


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