What is Industrial Construction?

February 11, 2023

what is industrial construction

What is Industrial Construction?

Industrial construction is the design, build and installation of factories, power plants, warehouses and other specialized facilities that involve manufacturing. It also includes the construction of mechanical and structural components for these facilities.

Commercial Buildings versus Industrial Construction

In general, industrial buildings follow similar designs to increase foot traffic around the machinery and ductwork that houses it. In addition to heavy machinery, these buildings will typically have a three-phase electrical supply and a lot of ventilation and exhaust systems in order to reduce the chances of fires or toxic fumes.

Those that build and manage industrial buildings must meet more complex legal requirements, permitting needs and planning rules than those who work on commercial projects. This may include earning permission from local zoning boards and meeting strict guidelines set at the local, state or federal level.

Planning Needs for Industrial Projects versus Commercial ones

A general contractor working on an industrial building must plan the site and coordinate on-site equipment assembly, custom fabrication installments, and large-scale integration of different types of installations. These skills are more intensive than those required for a commercial building, which generally requires less custom planning and requires general contractors to hire specialists to assist with development and supervision of the project.

Logistics is often a key aspect of industrial construction projects, especially for factories that transport goods nationwide or internationally. These structures need access to highways, railways and airports that allow for easy procurement of raw materials and transportation of finished products.


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