What is Lathe in Construction?

March 3, 2024

Lathing is a construction process that involves installing lath, a base material, onto a surface to create a strong and secure foundation for various building applications. From supporting exterior finishes or claddings to providing additional insulation and weatherproofing, lathing is an essential part of any building project. Learn more about what is lathe in construction, its key functions, and the different types of materials used for this important task.

The most basic form of lathe is turning, which involves rotating the material to be cut and using a cutting tool to remove material to shape the workpiece into a cylindrical form. Other common lathe operations include facing, drilling, and boring. Faceting involves creating a flat surface perpendicular to the workpiece’s axis of rotation, while boring involves enlarging an existing hole in the workpiece.

Screw cutting is another complex lathe operation, which requires a great deal of skill and precision to ensure that the threads are accurate and smooth. This can be done using a variety of different techniques, depending on the desired thread form and pitch.

Lathe plaster is a traditional plastering technique that provides a number of benefits, including increased strength and durability, improved insulation, and the ability to hide imperfections in the wall or ceiling. It is also a fire-resistant plaster, making it an excellent choice for buildings where fire protection is a concern. Lathing is an important part of any construction project, and it is essential to follow industry best practices when installing lath. This will help to ensure that the process is performed correctly and that it is well-suited for the specific needs of the project.


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