What Is Legal Cover for Car Insurance and Do You Need It?

June 17, 2024

When considering car insurance options, one important aspect worth evaluating is what is legal cover for car insurance. Legal cover, also known as motor legal protection, is not a legal requirement, but it can save you significant amounts of money in specific scenarios. The main purpose of this cover is to provide financial protection against legal fees and uninsured losses following an accident that wasn't your fault, such as medical costs, car repair costs, and loss of earnings.

Factors to Consider: Do You Need It?

Several factors come into play when deciding if you need legal cover for car insurance. It's crucial to check whether you are already covered under your current policy, the type of policy you have, and whether the added cost is worth the peace of mind. Legal cover can be added for an additional fee, typically ranging between £20-£30, or it might be included as a standard benefit in comprehensive policies. However, always verify your existing coverage within car insurance policies, bank accounts, or other memberships such as employer/trade union memberships.

What Does Legal Cover Include?

Legal cover can help you claim uninsured losses which standard car insurance policies do not cover. These include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Car repair costs
  • Excess payments
  • Loss of earnings
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses related to the incident

Insurers may offer legal cover up to £100,000, but it's generally advisable to look for a cover worth at least £50,000 to ensure adequate protection. Legal cover can also help in cases related to personal injury, road traffic offenses, and provide access to a legal advice helpline for additional peace of mind.

Pros and Cons of Adding Legal Cover

Adding legal cover to your car insurance policy comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages:


  • Access to legal advice and representation
  • Potential to save thousands of pounds in legal fees
  • Relatively inexpensive addition to your policy


  • Insurers may refuse to fund claims if they believe success probability is low
  • Possible exclusions may apply, such as intentional damage or parking offenses
  • Not required by law, so optional nature may make it seem unnecessary to some

Making a Claim with Legal Cover

To make a claim on your legal cover, contact your insurer's claims line with all incident details and supporting evidence. The insurer will then appoint a solicitor or allow you to choose one. The solicitor will handle communications with relevant parties involved in the incident. Ensure you understand the coverage limitations and what is included or excluded in the policy.

Is It Worth It?

Deciding if legal cover is worth it involves weighing your likelihood of encountering legal issues against the cost of the premium and the coverage provided. For individuals who want to avoid worrying about high legal fees, legal cover for car insurance might be a worthwhile investment. Evaluate your situation carefully and make an informed decision.

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