What Is Millwork in Construction?

March 2, 2024

Millwork is custom woodwork that elevates a building’s aesthetics, functionality, and value. Crafted to meet specific architectural designs and client requirements, this type of woodwork includes everything from custom shelving and storage pieces to cabinetry and built-in furniture. When properly integrated into a construction project, millwork can enhance the overall look of the space and create a lasting impression on visitors.

While millwork is typically made from hardwood, modern manufacturing technology often utilizes materials like engineered wood products and metal accents to achieve desired design goals. Modern equipment can also help streamline production by cutting, shaping, and sanding millwork elements with precision and efficiency.

The cost of millwork is highly variable depending on the complexity, size, and style of the product being produced. However, the overall cost of a millwork project can be more affordable than other construction products when using lower-grade material options such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and softwood.

A variety of wood species are used for the fabrication of millwork, with mahogany being a popular choice due to its luxurious aesthetic and perfectly straight grain appearance. Other commonly utilized lumber types include maple, oak, and walnut. The finishing process for millwork can be achieved with either paint or stain, with the color chosen largely based on the wood species in question and the property owner’s idiosyncratic preferences. The use of stain or sealant is also a key component in protecting and enhancing the durability of wood millwork.


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