What Is Procore in Construction?

February 29, 2024

Procore is one of the most popular construction management platforms. It has many tools that can help make the entire construction process run smoother and efficiently. From document and RFI management to project tracking and reporting, Procore provides a comprehensive solution for construction managers and subcontractors alike. The software streamlines work processes, enables transparency, and offers cost-effective advantages.

Using the Procore construction platform allows you to track progress on a project from start to finish. You can create custom reports for any aspect of your project and view project information in real time. You can also share plans, drawings, and specifications with everyone involved in the project. This helps improve communication and ensures that everyone has access to the latest version of the plan. You can also use the system to manage issues and change orders, maintain budget items, and even submit and review timecards.

With the centralized and standardized process that Procore offers, you can also increase productivity by allowing your team to work together from the same platform. It can even help you avoid costly mistakes and reduce risk by enabling transparency throughout the construction process.

For your safety and quality needs, the Procore platform also has a tool that helps you track daily logs, inspections, and incidents. The streamlined documentation of these issues and incidents is also useful for audits, as it provides the necessary evidence to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

The Procore platform also includes a financial module that can help you manage your construction project finances. This includes project-level forecasting, bid management, commitment management, invoice management, and budgeting. This can help you improve project performance, increase your ROI, and keep projects on schedule.


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