What is Rendering in Construction?

February 7, 2024

Render is a protective and decorative coating for the exterior walls of a building. It’s commonly used to make a brick building look more attractive but it’s also incredibly useful for improving the waterproofing and fire rating of a property. Render is typically made from a mix of lime gypsum, sand and cement along with bonding agents and drying additives. It can be tinted with colour pigments which makes it easy to match a house or even cover up an unsightly brick wall or fence.

There are many different rendering products on the market, from traditional lime renders popular with renovators and those extending period properties to modern through-coloured acrylic renders that have been designed to improve insulation in new buildings. Before deciding whether or not rendering is right for your property it’s important to understand why you want to render in the first place and what your budget is.

A primary reason for rendering is to create a beautiful, clean and polished finish on the facade of your home or building. It can also hide imperfections in the cladding, such as gaps and cracks or uneven surfaces. Rendering is also a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home and draw attention to particular features such as a bay window or other feature of your home.

3D architectural renderings are an amazing way to show clients and project stakeholders what the finished product will be like without having to start the construction process. This allows them to spot any errors or downsides and make changes with the architect before they start building, which can save time, money and avoid headaches.


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