What Is Road Base?

February 11, 2023

what is road base

What is road base?

Road base is a versatile filling material that is used to create hard surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, footpaths and building pads. It is usually a mixture of decomposed granite, crushed gravel or limestone which is then compacted to create a solid surface.

What is the best road base for my project?

When constructing a private road or driveway, it is important to choose a road base that is right for your needs. Choosing the correct base is essential for the strength, longevity and security of the final surface.

What is the most common road base for building a private road near Brenham, Texas?

Class 6 Granite Roadbase is a very common choice for private roads and driveways throughout the country. It is a popular choice because it does not get dusty as quickly as some of the other types of road base.

How to build a road using road base in low lying areas?

When building a road in an area where water runs off or collects it is vital to create a solid road that will not wash out over time. This can be done by building up the site, cutting the grade and installing drainage solutions.

What is the difference between road base and crusher dust?

The main difference between the two compaction materials is that road base has rock dust mixed in it to help bind it together. This can be messy, but will help ensure that the final surface is durable and long lasting.


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