What Is Rough Grading in Construction?

March 11, 2024

Whether you’re building a new commercial construction project or simply trying to level your own property, the proper grading of a lot is crucial for any structure. It prevents serious water damage and creates a sturdy foundation for your home or business. It also helps direct drainage away from vulnerable areas, preventing water pooling that could cause structural damage and erosion. It’s important to understand what the different types of land grading are and how each process impacts your property.

Rough Grading

The rough grading construction process is the first step in shaping your building lot. It entails shifting dirt and creating slopes through a process of cutting in some places and filling in others with heavy machinery. This first step establishes the general contours and elevations outlined in the grading plan, making it easy to make more precise adjustments later on.

Drainage Installation

The grading contractor studies the natural flow of water and installs necessary drainage solutions like slopes, swales, culverts, and benched terrace drains to control water runoff on your site. This prevents storm water from flooding your property or carrying large debris and soil offsite. It’s important to consider how storm water will leave your site as well, since you’re responsible for any damages caused by it after it leaves your property.


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