What is Scope of Work in Construction?

January 21, 2024

In construction, a scope of work is a document that outlines all the tasks required to complete a project. The document helps contractors and general contractors manage their time, resources, and costs by providing clarity on what is expected to be completed and by when. Scopes of work are especially helpful for larger projects where there may be a lot of components and varying levels of expertise needed.

The most important consideration when creating a scope of work is that it should be clearly written and understandable. Clear language minimizes the risk of disputes, claims and litigation down the line. It also reduces confusion for anyone who may be reading the document, even if they are not versed in construction terms. Avoid using industry jargon or abbreviations, as this can easily confuse and mislead.

The first section of a scope of work should outline the key objectives and critical activities that must be completed for a successful project delivery. This should include a brief description of the project, including specific methods and techniques that will be utilized. For example, a scope of work for a road repair project might include full width milling and asphalt pavement placement, along with base repairs and traffic control for 100 miles of roadway.

The second section of a scope of work should define the administrative procedures related to the project. This includes how change orders will be handled, how payments will be issued and any other relevant contract terms or legal requirements. It should also identify the point of contact for each task or deliverable, ensuring that everyone involved knows who to direct any questions and concerns to.


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