What Is SOE in Construction?

February 14, 2024

SOEs are a great way to reduce complexity in large IT environments. By organizing standard builds under a centralized management platform, IT teams can deliver fully provisioned systems with less effort and error. They can also use SOEs to centrally manage the deployment of software, which decreases the time it takes to deploy new workstations and keep existing systems up to date with patches.

When excavations are deep enough to disturb earth and water pressures, a temporary support of excavation (SOE) system is required. Keller has a wide variety of SOE solutions to meet your project requirements and soil conditions. The design of an SOE system can be complex due to the soil structure, depth of cut and groundwater, weather conditions, lateral loads from nearby structures, porewater pressures, vibrations from roadway traffic, railways or adjacent construction, and seismic loads.

Often, SOE systems include bracing elements to resist increasing earth and water pressures. These are commonly walers, rakers or cross-struts. The design of these elements needs to take into account the movement of the shoring walls, and the ability of the walers, rakers or cross-struts to transfer these loads to the foundation block or supporting substructure.

In addition to monitoring lateral movement of the shoring walls, SOE systems may be monitored using AMTS vibration monitors clamped magnetically on soldier piles or sheet piles. Combined with tiltmeters, AMTS can determine the rate of deflection, which can be used to help estimate future settlement of the shoring system.


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