What is the Capital City of Turkey?

June 14, 2023

Turkey is a country that is situated between two continents: Asia and Europe. It is the only nation that has a unique location such as this and it's able to function as a bridge between the two continents. Its capital city is Istanbul, but the government and governance functions take place in Ankara.

The sweeping lines of Ankara's new buildings and its well-planned thoroughfares typify the dynamic, progressive spirit that drives modern Turkey. This cosmopolitan city is home to the Turkish state opera and ballet, the presidential symphony orchestra and several national theater companies. It is also a hub of the performing arts with several art museums and a host of dance, music and comedy festivals.

This enchanting city is also a major commercial and industrial center. It provides a significant percentage of the country's trade and wholesale trade, and generates 21.2% of Turkey's gross national product. The city also houses most of Turkey's biggest corporations, and attracts many foreign investors.

Known as Angora because of the Angora rabbits, goats and cats that populated it in the past, this city is now a modern cosmopolitan center housing the Turkish government, all foreign embassies and a number of esteemed universities. Ankara's largely steppe vegetation is complemented by forested areas on the southern periphery.

Located in the heart of Anatolia, the city is bordered by Cankiri and Bolu to the north, Eskisehir to the west, Konya to the south and Kirikkale to the east. With a continental climate, winters are cold and snowy while summers are hot and dry.


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