What is the Gayest Car?

October 21, 2023

When most people think of the LGBT, they might picture pride marches and flag-waving individuals. What they might not realize is that LGBT people have their own cars too. And that those cars are just as unique and stylish as the rest of society’s.

Subaru’s gay-friendly advertising campaign was a smash hit. It helped shift niche marketing for cars from the fringes to the mainstream. Ad agency Mulryan/Nash threw subtle hints at gay audiences such as using license plates that referenced the Pleiades, a six-star constellation that’s also known as the Seven Sisters (the name of a college of women’s colleges). Subaru’s marketing team was surprised to find that straight audience groups were just as happy with “uncoding” these references.

As for what’s the gayest car, Gaywheels says that if you’re into high-fashion vehicles with great design and synergy between form and function then a Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series might be your speed. And for those who like to show off, a BMW 1 Series or a Nissan 370Z could be your thing.

But of course, some LGBT people aren’t looking for the latest and greatest. They want to be able to raise a family in style and comfort. And for them, the Ford Flex or Chevrolet Traverse is the way to go. And if you’re a big-name celeb, then a Tesla Model S might be your ride of choice. This vehicle has made a splash at every LGBT event and rally you can think of, and for good reason.


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