What is the Longest Pier in Britain?

June 14, 2023

Whether you’re looking for thrills, or simply strolling and soaking up the atmosphere piers are one of our most treasured seaside attractions. Unlike the more modern amusement parks of today, piers were designed for promenading and were often built with bands and theatres as entertainment.

What makes them unique is their design which is constructed of a mix of wrought iron lattice girders on cast iron columns, and decked with wood. With many of these piers still in good condition, it’s a pleasure to walk or ride on the small railway and enjoy the nostalgic charm.

Southport Pier, located in Merseyside, is a classic example of an old-fashioned pier, having been awarded Pier of the Year in 2015. Measuring at around 3,633 feet it’s the second longest pier in Britain and has Victorian-style penny arcades among other attractions.

Another great example is Worthing Pier which opened as a wooden structure back in 1872. Over the years it has become increasingly popular with high profile musicians performing in the Pavilion.

Brighton Palace Pier, an example of a traditional pleasure pier that stands proud as a symbol of the city’s booming tourist industry, opened in 1899. It’s a place for fun, shopping and eating with the added bonus of a beautiful view over the seafront.

Finally, there’s Blackpool Pier, a classic pleasure pier that oozes the spirit of old-fashioned holiday fun with its iconic Ferris wheel and a hive of ice cream stalls and amusement arcades. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous there are also white-knuckle rides to try, like the Big Wheel Castle of Doom or the crazy freefall.


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