What is the Most Expensive Car in Nitro Type?

December 29, 2023

Nitro Type is a worldwide real-time typing competition that helps students improve their typing speed by competing with friends and people around the world. Players can earn new cars, track their scores, join and create teams. Some cars are only available through special events, while others must be earned by completing achievements. Some of these achievements are very difficult, but there are some that are much easier than others. The Wampus is one of the most expensive cars in nitro type, but it is not a rare car in general. This is because it can be obtained by racing a large number of times. The Wildflower, the first player to reach 200,000 races, is the owner of this car. It is based on a McLaren MP4-28, and it is designed to resemble a sprite from an 8 Bit game.

What is the most expensive car in nitro type?

The Wild 500 is a car that can be earned by players who complete the Wild Legend achievement, which requires racing 500,000 times. It was created for the first player to achieve this, a user known as Wildflower. The design of the car shares similarities with The Pirc and The Wildflower, but it has a different spoiler and a unique color scheme.

How to get the most expensive car in nitro type?

The Wampus is the rarest event car in Nitro Type. It can be found by racing a large number of races, and it has a 1/1000 chance to appear during each race. The Wampus is most often seen on the test site, where there are fewer players. This way, a player has a higher chance of getting the car than if they were to play on the main site. The Wampus was originally categorized as Rare, but on May 25, 2022, it was changed to Epic.


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