What is the Title Number of a Car?

October 22, 2023

A title number is printed on your vehicle’s car title, the legal document that proves you own the car. Depending on your state’s laws, it may have seven or eight digits. It is one of the ways to identify your vehicle, though it won’t yield as much information as a VIN or a Carfax report.

The title number can be found on your title in the “information” section, usually near the VIN (a 17-character sequence of numbers and letters). Generally, it is printed above the VIN. You can also find it on your insurance card, and some finance companies may request it when you apply for a loan.

Your car’s title number is unique to the vehicle. It identifies the owner and can be used to locate the vehicle. It can’t be altered or erased, which helps prevent title washing. However, errors can still happen, and if you make a mistake when filling out the title, your local department of motor vehicles might require you to submit a bill of sale and have it notarized before granting you a new title.

The title also lists your name, address, and license plate number, and it may include technical information such as the gross vehicle weight and purchase price of the car when it was new. It will also list any liens on the title, and the lienholder’s contact information. A “clean” title indicates the vehicle has never been declared a salvage or junk, which can help it maintain its resale value.


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