What Kind of Car Did Antonia Gorga Get For Her 17th Birthday?

March 3, 2024

As Real Housewives of New Jersey fans know, Melissa and Joe Gorga’s daughter Antonia is growing up on camera. The teenager recently celebrated her 17th birthday, and Melissa posted photos of herself with her on Instagram. One photo caught the attention of some followers, as it appeared that she received a Porsche for her big day. But as it turns out, the car was a gift from her parents.

The reality couple’s eldest daughter is still quite young, and they’ve worked hard to raise her in a positive environment. They have marketed themselves as a wholesome Italian-American family, and their kids do well in school, participate in their extracurricular activities, and have active social lives.

In the past, the Gorgas have emphasized how their children follow in their footsteps and make good decisions. They’ve even shared their parenting methods with viewers, including a controversial grounding of their youngest daughter Teresa Giudice.

Most recently, the mom and daughter duo celebrated Antonia’s birthday by taking her out to TAO Downtown in Manhattan for dinner. The reality star posted a few Instagram snaps of the mother daughter pair in front of the luxury restaurant, with Antonia posing in her new white Porsche.


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