What Kind of Car Did the Mentalist Drive?

February 20, 2024

The Mentalist is a popular television show that follows Patrick Jane, a former celebrity psychic who uses his gift to solve crimes for the California Bureau of Investigation. The show features many iconic elements, including Patrick Jane’s red Jaguar XKR. This car plays an important role in many of the episodes on the show and has helped to define Patrick Jane’s character.

Simon Baker, the actor who plays Patrick Jane in The Mentalist, has revealed that he chose this particular vehicle for his character because he wanted something that was a little out of the ordinary. He also explained that he wanted his car to be a symbol of his character’s flamboyance and wit.

Throughout the series, we see Patrick Jane drive a variety of different cars. However, the Citroen DS 20 is one of his most notable vehicles. This classic French car has a reputation for being both eccentric and sophisticated, which perfectly fits the character of Patrick Jane.

In addition to being a stylish and exotic car, the Jaguar XKR has played an important role in many of the episodes on The Mentalist. In one episode, the car helps Patrick Jane escape from danger by driving away at high speed; in another, it provides protection for him and his team as they pursue suspects. The Jaguar XKR is also a symbolic vehicle for Patrick Jane because it reflects his success and wealth as an independent consultant.

In addition to the Jaguar XKR, Patrick Jane also owns a 1985 Airstream 270 trailer. This trailer is often seen in the background of scenes on the show, and it has become a popular symbol for the show.


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