What Kind of Car Does Beth Dutton Drive on Yellowstone?

March 5, 2024

If you’ve been watching Yellowstone, then you know that the neo-western series isn’t just about riding horses and wrangling cattle. The show also features some pretty expensive cars, especially those driven by Beth Dutton. That’s right, the ferocious daughter of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) isn’t afraid to show off her pristine taste in vehicles. Beth’s been spotted driving all kinds of different eye-catching cars over the seasons, and it seems that she’s traded in her Mercedes for a Bentley.

Here’s What Beth Dutton Drives On Yellowstone

As one of the most ruthless characters on the show, it’s not uncommon for Beth to wage her own version of war. She doesn’t physically fight like her male counterparts but instead focuses on psychological warfare. She’s just as skilled in the boardroom as she is on a ranch, which was made quite clear when she orchestrated a hostile takeover of an oil company.

Beth hasn’t slowed down since she started her reign as queen bee of the Dutton clan. In fact, her cutthroat nature and white-collar career are only getting more intense. Last season, she reached some serious peak Beth Dutton with her ability to manipulate and blackmail just about anyone.

Despite all of the scheming and manipulation, Beth is still an overall good person. She’s not one to shy away from showing compassion, either, which was evident when she helped rescue Kayce Dutton from a custody battle with his ex-wife.


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