What Kind of Car Does Dean Drive in Supernatural?

December 4, 2023

The 1967 Chevrolet Impala, affectionately known as “Baby”, plays a big role on the hit TV show Supernatural. It’s a classic American muscle car that Jensen Ackles, aka Dean Winchester, drives on his hunts. The show has also used many other cars, but Baby is definitely the one that everyone knows.

The ’67 Impala is a beautiful car, but it’s not built to handle all of the abuse that the Winchesters throw at it. That’s why they use multiple different cars throughout the show. During their escapades, Baby gets plowed into by semi-trucks, rammed by demons and beaten up with a crowbar. Plus, the boys do a lot of fancy driving in their chase scenes, including power slides and reverse 180s. All of this can be hard on a car, especially an old muscle car like the ’67 Impala.

Although it hasn’t been stated on the show, a number of fans have speculated that the hero Impala on the show is a Chevrolet Impala SS. However, it’s likely that the car is a basic Impala Sport Sedan with a two-speed, Powerglide automatic transmission and a small-block, 327-cid V8 engine. Regardless, the car is still an impressive ride. And it’s been through a lot on the show, including being crushed by Castiel and getting stolen by ghosts. It’s even been resurrected twice!


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