What Kind of Car Does James Bond Drive?

December 4, 2023

The iconic Aston Martin DB5 is the only car Bond drives throughout most of the movie series, except when he is driving his own Ford Custom. Throughout the films, the DB5 is equipped with a number of gadgets including self-inflating tires, hidden missile launchers, and a near-impenetrable body. Bond even remote controls the car during a chase inside a multi-story parking lot, sending it flying off a rooftop before crashing into an Avis station across the street.

This yellow taxi cab is used to transport Bond and his partner Eve Moneypenny around London. It is also seen chasing a stolen Cessna 170A during the film’s opening credits.

Featured in the beginning of the film, this hovercraft carries Bond from Britain to mainland Europe at the start of his mission to Amsterdam. A Mountbatten Class vessel, it was the largest hovercraft of its time and could hold up to 254 cars. The vehicle was later destroyed in a 1981 accident along with 4 of its passengers.

One of the cars pursuing Bond in the city of Paris. The car is seen driving on stairs, under barriers, and on top of buses in the movie. Various 1973 Chevrolet Impalas and Chevelles appear as police cars in the film, including two that chase Bond’s out-of-control taxicab down Manhattan’s FDR Drive.

The small hydro-jet powered speedboat that Bond steals after his original GT-150 is disabled by gunfire in the Irish Bayou of Louisiana. The CV-19 survives the chase and is moored at Deke Rodger’s house at the end of the movie.


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