What Not to Wear in Chicago

June 15, 2023

Chicago is a city known for its architecture, professional sports, nightlife and cultural attractions like the Art Institute of Chicago, Millenium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo and more. It's a very walkable city, especially in the downtown areas where most of the action takes place, so comfortable shoes are essential.

Choosing a pair of oxfords or flat shoes for ladies (not high heels!) will be the best choice for daytime walking in the windy city. And don't forget sunglasses, a hat and some warm weather clothes for the summer.

Winter in Chicago is a beautiful sight, with its white snow-covered landscape and festively decorated streets. But it also brings chilly temperatures and bitter winds. The best thing to pack is lots of layers – and not just any layering, but the right kind of fabrics that will keep you warm.

This also means packing a good winter coat or jacket. The weather can change from warm to ice-cold during the day, and it can even get very cold at night. So bring a warm jacket to keep you toasty and dry in case the temperature drops suddenly.

A pair of wool socks is also a must. They are thicker than regular socks and can help to keep your feet warmer, especially if they are made from merino wool. You should also pack an external phone battery and a set of hand warmers. The cold weather can really drain a phone's battery, and having an external charger is very helpful for recharging on the go.


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