What Size Are Smart Car Tires? Complete Guide & Alternatives

June 16, 2024

When it comes to understanding what size are smart car tires, there's much more to consider than just fitting any tire onto the rims. Let's dive into the history, current specifications, and possible alternatives for Smart car tires, with a focus on the renowned Smart ForTwo.

The Evolution of Smart Car Tires

The original Smart 450 model had to switch to 15-inch tires at the last minute due to failing the Elk test. This critical safety test identified the need for better stability and handling, something that the initial tire choice couldn't provide. For Smart car enthusiasts, knowing what size are smart car tires is more than a practical concern—it's a matter of understanding the car's evolution.

Weight Distribution and Tire Selection

The Smart ForTwo is unique with its 40/60 front/rear weight distribution. This uneven weight necessitates careful selection of tires to ensure safety and performance. Various tires, including 135/70R15 front tires and 175/70R13 rear tires, have been considered to handle the specific needs of the vehicle's weight distribution. This selection plays a crucial role in ride comfort and overall performance.

Exploring Alternative Tire Sizes

The quest for what size are smart car tires also extends into exploring alternative tire sizes. While some drivers have experimented with using 185-size tires in the front instead of the standard 165/65R15, feedback suggests that sticking to the original size, such as the Goodyear 4seasons tires, often yields the best results. These tires maintain the right balance of grip, traction, and ride comfort.

Options for Alloy and Steel Rims

In England, there's a company providing rear 13-inch alloy wheels for the Smart 451 model, and specific steel front rims are available for the original Smart 450. Those seeking a balanced ride should be wary of potential mismatches in cushioning and comfort between front 15-inch and rear 13-inch tires.

Tire Choices for Different Models

When selecting tires for various Smart Fortwo models, drivers have different preferences and requirements. For instance, all-season tires like Yokohama Avid Ascend LX and Kumho Ecsta PA51 are recommended for the 2017 Smart Fortwo, providing excellent traction and handling in diverse weather conditions. On the other hand, winter tires like Pirelli Winter Sottozero3 are ideal for harsh winter conditions experienced by some drivers.

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