What Size is Construction Paper: Exploring Prang’s Versatile Options

July 9, 2024

When it comes to versatile, high-quality construction paper for arts and crafts, Prang® construction paper stands out. Whether you're looking to create beautiful doodles or cutting and pasting for an engaging project, the bright and consistent colors of Prang construction paper offer the best value in school grade material. But what size is construction paper? When considering this, it's important to note that standard construction paper, such as that offered by Prang, comes in various sizes, commonly including 12 inches by 18 inches.

What Size is Construction Paper: Discovering the Versatile Prang® Range

Prang® (Formerly SunWorks®) Medium Weight Groundwood Construction Paper is known for its slightly textured surface that folds and cuts without cracking, making it perfect for various arts and crafts. But what size is construction paper? In addition to the well-known 12 inch by 18 inch option, Prang offers assorted sizes to cater to different project needs. Whether small detailed work or larger projects, Prang ensures high performance with a value price.

Exploring the Beneficial Features

Prang® construction paper is not only vibrant in color but also environmentally friendly and recyclable. This feature aligns with the growing demand for sustainable art supplies. Moreover, Prang offers a Prang Promise™ to replace any product that does not meet expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction. The impressive quality of the paper makes it a favorite amongst children, parents, and teachers.

The Perfect Assortment for Creative Projects

The Prang® 10-color assortment includes a range of vibrant colors like Scarlet, Orange, Brown, Pink, Blue, Violet, Green, Yellow, Black, and White. This makes it ideal for cutting, pasting, doodling, and folding activities, especially for young children. The assortment comes in a White PDQ display carton and includes 4 sheets per color, totaling 40 sheets.

Durability and Usability

The construction paper's durability and ability to handle various art mediums—like crayons, pencils, markers, and paints—make it a versatile tool in any artistic endeavor. The smooth uniform finish of the paper allows for neat folds, clean tears, and easy cuts. Therefore, Prang construction paper is not just ideal for classroom projects but also for home use, promoting creativity and expression.

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This concise blog article highlights the key features and advantages of Prang® construction paper, emphasizing its usability, environmental benefits, and the variety of colors available. With a smooth conclusion promoting further engagement with related content, readers are provided a complete and compelling overview of Prang's construction paper offerings.

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