What Time Can You Start Construction Work in the Morning?

January 31, 2024

Have you ever tried to sleep in and been woken by the clanging of hammers, drilling, sawing or other construction noise? Or maybe you are a construction worker that has been yelled at by a homeowner upset that you started work before the allowed legal time window. Whether you are the yelling homeowner or the construction worker, knowing what times it is safe to start work can save everyone involved a lot of headaches.

For construction crews that have to travel to and from the job site, the earlier they start, the less traffic they will encounter. For large projects in urban areas, this can mean a significant difference when it comes to getting to and from the site on time. For workers that have children, the early start time allows them to get home by the time their kids are getting out of school.

Cooler Temperatures

Starting work in the morning also means that any jobs or tasks that require direct sunlight are completed before the heat of the day kicks in. This helps to reduce the risk of heat stroke, which is a common cause of death in the construction industry.

Finally, working in the morning gives crews a few extra hours of daylight at the end of the day. This allows them to finish up any unforeseen tasks and ensure that they will have plenty of time to get home safely. If you do notice that a construction crew is working outside of the legal time frame, the best thing to do is call the non-emergency line at your local police station and they can tell you if the construction work is in violation of any laws.


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