What Time Construction Can Start in Morning

March 12, 2024

Have you ever been woken up by construction noise in the morning and wondered why crews are already hard at work while people are still getting ready for their day? Construction noise is typically prohibited from being made before 7 AM during the week and some municipalities have even more restrictive hours on weekends and holidays. This article explores the rules and best practices surrounding what time construction can start in the morning.

Construction crews often start their days at the crack of dawn to maximize the available daylight and increase productivity. They do this by scheduling their Pre-Task Planning, Toolbox Talks, Stretch and Flex, and Tool Inspections before the sun comes up so they can hit the ground running once they arrive at the job site.

Additionally, starting the day early helps to minimize weather-related delays. Many areas experience afternoon thunderstorms which if not planned for can cause a lot of logistical problems and schedule conflicts. By working earlier in the day, crews can ensure that they are finished with their projects and off the job site before the storm hits or can plan for it by rearranging their break times.

If you are impacted by construction noise in the morning and it is disrupting your quality of life, the first step should be to talk with the contractors or developers directly and explain that the noise is disturbing you. If they are being a good neighbor, they may agree to begin their work later in the morning. If they continue to disturb you, it is possible to file a complaint with the local authorities.


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