What Time Does Camp Snoopy Close?

June 15, 2023

With 12 rides for little kids, this section of Knott’s Berry Farm is a kid-friendly dream. The theme is perfectly in tune with the Peanuts characters, and it tends to be less crowded than other areas of the park. However, it can still be very busy about an hour after opening. Parents with young children should consider touring the rest of the park and then returning to Camp Snoopy later in the evening. It will be considerably less crowded and the rides will have much shorter lines.

Many of the attractions in this area have height restrictions. Some (like the Kite-Eating Tree) are for kids only while others require an adult rider if your child does not meet the height requirement. It is best to measure your kids in advance and know what rides are appropriate for them before entering the park.

Other fun things to do include a visit to the Camp Snoopy Theatre, where shows with the Peanuts gang are featured throughout the day. You can also meet the characters in person at Beagle Scout Headquarters near Flying Ace.

For meals, head to the Grizzly Creek Lodge. This family-friendly eatery serves burgers, chicken tenders, drinks, and other theme park staples. You can even get a refill on your all-day or all-year drink cup here. Cave Inn Snacks is another snack location in the Camp Snoopy area, which offers ice cream, sodas, pretzels, and other snacks. This stand is great to fill up on quick snacks before hopping in the line for rides.


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