What to Do in Iowa City

February 11, 2023

What to do in iowa city

Iowa City is a unique city with plenty to offer its visitors. It’s the county seat and home to the University of Iowa, which means it’s a great place to explore arts and culture, as well as top-notch restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues.

Visit the Old Capitol Building

A Nationally Registered Historic Landmark, the Old Capitol Building is one of the most iconic Iowa buildings and a must-see for anyone visiting the state. It houses a museum dedicated to the history of Iowa and Iowa City.

Go for a hike at Hickory Hill Park

A sprawling natural space within a mile of downtown, this nature park is a peaceful place to hike in the city. Its main entrance is on Bloomington Street and offers a network of trails throughout the park.

Check out the Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

The broad-winged statue of a black angel, erected in 1912, is another must-see when you’re in Iowa City. It’s a popular tourist spot during Halloween and has become an important part of the area’s local history.

Get to know Iowa’s literary legacy

The UNESCO designation of Iowa City as a City of Literature is thanks to the renowned Writers Workshop on the University of Iowa campus. This is a great way to learn more about the writers who have called Iowa City their home and also get a glimpse of the local creative scene.

Find your favourite author on the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk

The Iowa Avenue Literary Walk is a trail that honors 49 authors with connections to Iowa and Iowa City. It features bronze relief panels with quotes from the authors and information about their works. It’s a fun way to get out and walk while learning about the city’s literary legacy.


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