What to Wear for Traffic Court

February 6, 2023

what to wear for traffic court

If you are facing a traffic ticket, it is important to know what to wear to court. It can help you and your attorney make the best possible impression on the judge.

Arraignments can be a lengthy process. If your name is toward the end of the list, expect a long wait before the case begins.

When you first arrive, the police officer will explain the citation and your legal rights to you. You can then choose to plead not guilty or request a trial date.

The judge will listen to the officer’s testimony and decide if you are guilty or not. The judge may also ask you questions to understand the incident better.

It is important to remember that the judge, clerks and other court staff are all human beings with feelings and opinions. They are not perfect and if you do not look your best in court, you could lose the case.

What to Wear

The best thing to do is dress in neutral colors. A suit in a solid color such as tan, light blue or dark grey looks professional and serious without looking imposing.

Avoid revealing tops that show off your stomach or shoulders. These can look unprofessional or even sexy.

Shoes are another issue to consider. Avoid wearing sneakers, sandals, or flip-flops.

Hair should be clean and well-groomed. It should be pulled back in a bun or ponytail.

Jewelry should be simple and minimal-no large hoop earrings or statement necklaces.


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