When Was the Coronado Bridge Built?

June 14, 2023

The San Diego–Coronado Bridge, often simply known as the Coronado Bridge, is one of America’s most stunning bridges. The elegantly curved span, which connects San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood to the neighboring city of Coronado, is known for its incredible views and has even inspired works of public art.

While the bridge has a spectacular design, its creation was not purely for aesthetics. When the bridge opened in 1969, locals quickly discovered the value it provided. One day in April, a woman went into labor at her home near the corner of Crosby Street and National Avenue in Barrio Logan. She called a friend and they ran across the bridge to a nearby hospital. The short commute saved the mother and baby a significant amount of time, saving their lives.

Despite the many benefits of the bridge, it was not without its problems. Several people tried to jump off of the bridge after its opening. To prevent suicides, engineers designed the bridge with 34-inch walls that lined the outside of the span. Although the walls are wide at the bottom, they narrow as they rise – to make it difficult for someone to get over them from below. Unfortunately, over the years more than 235 people have died by jumping off the bridge.

Today, the bridge is a symbol of the connection between San Diego and Coronado. It is also a popular spot for runners, bicyclists, and sightseers. A recent lighting project on the bridge showcases its incredible architecture while also celebrating the community’s deep ties with the water body.


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