When You Want to Make a Right Turn Your Car Must Be Positioned Toward the Right Side of the Road

December 28, 2023

When you want to make a right turn your car must be positioned towards the right side of the road. This ensures that vehicles that are going straight can pass you without any problem. Often streets have signs, signals or markings that show you which lanes you can and must use for turns.

For example, if you enter an intersection with two lanes and one of those is designated as a left-turn lane you must turn into that lane. You can also find lanes with white dash lines that indicate which part of the road you should be in when turning.

You may turn against a red traffic light if you stop before the stop line or limit line and look both ways to see that no pedestrians are crossing the street or any vehicle is moving ahead on its green arrow. But, you must yield to any vehicle that has already entered the intersection and is in a different lane from you.

Generally, you should start your turn when the steering wheel is in a position that resembles about three-quarters of a full turn from facing right to facing left. This will give you enough time to complete your turn before any vehicle comes up behind you and moves into the lane you are entering.

This is important because if you do not start your turn until the steering wheel is in a completely turned position and then quickly accelerate into the new lane, you might hit a vehicle that has been following you. This is a common cause of crashes among young drivers.


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