Where Are DaVinci Resolve Projects Saved?

March 30, 2023

Where Are Davinci Resolve Projects Saved

Where Are Davinci Resolve Projects Saved?

The industry-leading video editor DaVinci Resolve has many features and options that are designed to help professional post-production studios deliver their projects. However, those features and settings can sometimes throw users off balance and cause them to run into trouble when they try to export their videos.

One of the most common problems that beginners face when trying to export videos in DaVinci Resolve is that they don't know where to go to find the files that they need to work with. That's why it's important to learn where the files are saved so that you can get them when you need them.

Whether you're working on a single project or an entire database, DaVinci Resolve has a few ways to save your projects.

1. Archive Projects and Media Files

If you're working on a single project and all of your media files are in that single project, it's easy to archive the whole project. To do this, just open the project manager in DaVinci Resolve and then right click on your project.

2. Archive All Projects Within a Database

If your project is part of a database, you'll need to create an archive of all of the projects in that database before you can move them to a new computer. To do this, just open the database in DaVinci Resolve and then click on "Export Databases".

3. Use Quick Export to Upload Your Videos

Finally, if you're short on time and want to quickly render and upload your finished program to YouTube, Vimeo, or other online services, the new quick export feature in DaVinci Resolve can help. It allows you to output your video in the original resolution and frame rate with preset profiles by video codec and social media platform.


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