Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made?

March 30, 2023

Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made

Samsung has been producing a wide range of refrigerators for a long time. They are some of the best known brands in the world and are used in many homes worldwide.

Where Are Samsung Refrigerators Made?

The company has a number of production plants around the globe, including Germany, Hungary, India, Poland, China, Luxembourg, and South Africa. As a global brand, the company makes use of parts from all these countries, which allows them to maintain a global manufacturing presence and dominance on the market.

Raw Materials

The primary raw material for Samsung refrigerators is iron, which is sourced from various mining operations in the world. This is then mixed with other materials like steel to create the final product. The iron and steel are melted together in a basic oxygen furnace, or an electric arc furnace, to form the finished product.


The manufacturing process for Samsung refrigerators requires the machining of iron and steel which uses a great deal of energy. The basic oxygen furnace requires a combination of thermal energy and coal to complete the manufacturing process, while the electric arc furnace only needs steel scrap to create the final product.

Assembled and Ready for Consumers

The final part of the manufacturing process for Samsung refrigerators is assembling them. This is a process that consumes a great deal of kinetic energy, as each part has to be moved from its original position and assembled into the final product.


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