Where Can I Buy Welders Glass?

March 30, 2023

Where Can I Buy Welders Glass

Where Can I Buy Welders Glass?

Welders need eye protection from radiation, hot slag, sparks and intense light. This includes a welding helmet, hoods and goggles.

These are available from many sources online and can be found in stores. The price can vary greatly depending on the brand, but a good pair of glasses will cost at least $20 RRP each.

Miller Electric Welding Glasses

These glasses are mirrored shade 5.0 and are dark enough to protect you if you cut or braze something but won't do your eyes any justice if you want to do arc welding. You'd need a more advanced lens for that but these will cover enough and fit over your prescription glasses.

YesWelder Safety Glasses

These flip upfront screen welding glasses are another great option. They're comfortable to wear and they have a nice Oakley-style - if you swap your regular shades for these you may not even remember that you've got them on.

You can also get anti-fogging glasses that will stop the IR and UV rays from getting through. However, they will mist up so you'll need to have an air vent system to prevent that from happening.

Sunsonte IR & UV Welding Glasses

These anti-fogging sunglasses are a little expensive at $170 but they offer enough protection to keep your skin safe from both IR and UV rays. You can use them for all your everyday Plasma cutting, oxy/acetylene processes but you will need to make sure you aren't using these on a sunny day and not near anything that could burn you.


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