Where Do Actors Stay When Filming On Location?

March 30, 2023

Actors are called on to film sets all the time. They may be filmed in different scenes, sometimes even bits of each scene and then they can leave the set until the director calls it a wrap.

There are a number of places that actors stay when they are filming on location. These include opulent hotels, large apartments, rented mansions or villas, and trailers. This depends on the needs of the performers and producers and also their budget.

Hotel Rooms

Hotels are one of the most popular choices for actors when they are filming. They are readily available in all price ranges and can be found in a wide variety of locations. They can be a great choice for film productions with a large cast and crew as they can create bonding opportunities among everyone who stays together.


When an actor is required to live on the location for a long period of time, they will often opt to rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. These corporate apartments usually come with all the amenities that an actor might need, from fitness centers to swimming pools and lounging areas.


When actors are required to change costumes and makeup on the set, they will often prefer to use their trailer as a dressing room. This provides them with privacy as they will not be in the same area as other members of the crew.

Outdoor Movie Locations

When it comes to finding the perfect backdrop for a film, nothing beats the natural beauty of an outdoor setting. From a suburban backyard to a scenic garden, there are many wonderful outdoor filming locations that will bring your vision to life.


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