Where Do Most Traffic Crashes Occur?

February 6, 2023

where do most traffic crashes occur

When we think of traffic crashes, our first thoughts go to the highways - the arteries that carry most vehicles around the country. But the truth is, most car accidents actually happen on smaller roads and parking lots near our homes.

The shortest trips closer to home are among the most dangerous. In fact, Dolphin Technologies reported that 25 percent of all collisions occur within three minutes of driving.

Accidents at rush hour, crowded intersections and two-lane roads are also common. Drivers in a hurry may become distracted and make mistakes like failing to obey the speed limit or blowing stop signs.

Pedestrians are more likely to be injured or killed in a crash because they are vulnerable road users who are often unaware of the dangers of the road. They can be hit by other cars, run into a wall or tree, and get caught in traffic jams.

When we look at state-by-state numbers, it seems that urban areas have fewer crashes than rural ones. But this is not necessarily true – there are several factors that determine the difference, including where people live and drive.


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