Where Is Area Code 351?

March 30, 2023

Where Is Area Code 351?

The 351 area code serves the northeastern part of Massachusetts, including Lowell and its surrounding areas. It was put in service on May 2, 2001 as an overlay numbering plan area code, sharing the service area of original area code 978.

Most Cities and Towns Serve this Region

The 351 area code covers a large portion of Massachusetts, including the towns of Harvard, Danvers, Pepperell, Georgetown, Lawrence, and Rockport. It also extends into New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada.

How Do I Reach Residents in Area Code 351?

The best way to target customers in this area code is to invest in a local phone number. This will help your business appear more familiar to residents who see your caller ID, and it will improve your call pick-up rate.

OpenPhone is the #1 rated business phone platform on G2. Our browser app and desktop apps let you manage all of your calls from any device, and our flexible suite of features lets you get the most out of your 351 phone number.

Getting a local business phone number in area code 351 is easy. Simply start an account and search by city or area code during the signup process to find a phone number that fits your needs.

What Are the Major Cities in Area Code 351?

The largest city in area code 351 is Lowell, which has a population of 108,957. It has a significant presence of young professionals and entrepreneurs, and is home to many educational institutions.


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