Where is Arlen Texas?

June 14, 2023

When a fictional town has such an impact on the pop culture world, it's hard not to imagine yourself sipping a can of Alamo beer with Hank Hill and the guys while watching a high school football game in Dillon or stopping at Luby's for a "Lu Ann Platter" (an entree, a roll, and a side). We'd all love to crack open a cold one and shoot the breeze about the Cowboys with Tami Taylor at the grocery store or buy some propane from Buck Strickland.

But, despite the fact that King of the Hill was a lively, grounded, and decidedly southern take on adult animation's Everytown, USA trope and became one of TV's most enduring sitcoms in its brief 13-season run, we can't quite put our finger on exactly where is arlen texas. After much sifting through Reddit comments and a few episodes of the show, it seems that most fans agree that the city is somewhere in Texas but pinning down where exactly that is has proven a bit more difficult than tying up Boomhauer's constant mumbling or cooking with charcoal.

The show's creator, Mike Judge, has said that the city is based on Richardson and Garland, both near Dallas, as well as the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area where he grew up. There's also a reference to the city being three hours from Houston in an episode of the show and a sign in "It Ain't Over 'Till The Fat Neighbor Sings" that pins Bill Dauterive and his all-male chorus at 96 miles away from Dallas while traveling to perform there.


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