Where Is National Flag Hoisted On Republic Day?

March 30, 2023

Where Is National Flag Hoisted On Republic Day

Where Is National Flag Hoisted On Republic Day?

The National Flag of India was first hoisted on January 26 in 1950, to commemorate the date when the Constitution of India came into force. It is the symbol of India’s sovereignty, integrity and similarity.

A flag of three horizontal stripes, red, yellow and green colour with eight half-open lotuses in the middle was first hoisted on this occasion. The green strip had the Vande Matram written in it whereas the red one had two symbols, one was of the sun and the other was of a crescent moon.

As the country progressed, the flag was modified with the help of Mahatama Gandhi and others. The topmost strip was saffron colour which symbolized the strength and courage of the nation.

During this period, the flag was also designed with the stars on top of the strips. This was a way to represent the people of all communities in the country and their different religions.

Today, the National Flag of India is known as the Tricolour. The topmost strip is of saffron color, while the middle band of the flag is of white color. These colors are symbolic of strength and courage, truth and purity, honesty and peace in the country.

The National Flag was originally displayed by government organisations, but on 26 January 2002, citizens of the country were finally allowed to display the National Flag in their homes and establishments. Since then, the National Flag of India has become an icon of the country.


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