Where Is Rebirth Island In Real Life?

March 30, 2023

Call of Duty: Warzone loves to take inspiration from real-world places in its maps, and one such map is Rebirth Island. This secondary map is based on the Alcatraz prison, which is located off the coast of San Francisco in California.

The real-world island, which is infamous for its treacherous waters and strong currents that make escape impossible, was originally used as a military installation in the 19th Century before being transformed into a federal penitentiary in 1934. This inspired Activision to reimagine the iconic location in their battle royale game.

While Rebirth Island was a popular map in both Black Ops 2 and Warzone, it will soon be removed from the game as it has been replaced by Caldera. However, if you're lucky enough to play the Resurgence Royale playlist which is currently available in the Warzone playlist, then you can still get a chance to play Rebirth Island all the time!

Rebirth Island is a small map that caters to the fast-paced Resurgence mode. This mini-map is similar to Fortune’s Keep, another small map that was recently added in Season 4.

There are lots of points of interest on this map, including a bioweapons lab and chemical engineering facility. It also features a water tower and multi-level buildings.

A fan travelled to the real-life inspiration for Rebirth Island, and it’s uncanny how similar some of these buildings look in the game. In fact, this fan shared a set of holiday photos on the Warzone subreddit that are incredibly similar to screenshots taken in the game.


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