Where is Sany Equipment Made?

June 15, 2023

The most important question when purchasing new equipment isn’t what brand is it or even where is it made, but whether it will perform well and last long in your application. Sany is a company that is known for its high-quality construction machinery and they are an excellent choice for those looking to purchase a crane.

Most Americans have never heard of Sany, but the company is huge in China. Its founder, Liang Wengen, is one of the country’s richest people and its most important homegrown success story. Sany rose to prominence as the Chinese government poured hundreds of billions of dollars into infrastructure projects and construction. Its revenues skyrocketed as the nation became the world’s second largest economy and demand for equipment soared.

Today, the company is pushing to expand abroad. It has taken market share from Caterpillar and other global competitors in key markets and is within striking distance of catching up with U.S. rival Manitowoc. It also has ambitions of quintupling its sales in 10 years.

But this aggressive push has come with some risks. As demand for construction equipment has cooled in the US, Sany has run into some rough weather. For example, it’s a little strange that a company is suing the president of a country where its affiliate has been trying to build a wind farm. The controversy could slow or derail its efforts to establish a major presence in the country and erode the confidence of customers.


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