Where Is The Impound In GTA 5?

March 30, 2023

The Impound In Gta 5

There are many places that players can lose their vehicles in GTA 5. Reasons for this might include starting a mission that requires using a different auto, the vehicle being commandeered by police (which may happen when a vehicle is parked outside of a police station), wandering away from a personal vehicle and causing it to despawn, or loading an autosave that takes the player back to a safehouse instead of keeping them near the car.

The LSPD Auto Impound

The LSPD Auto Impound is located on the corner of Innocence Boulevard and Roy Lowenstein Blvd, near the Davis Police Station. It's easy to identify the lot from the surrounding area, which includes a popular gas station and train tracks at the intersection.

How to Reclaim Your Impounded Car

There are two ways that players can reclaim their impounded vehicles: they can pay a $250 fine or steal it by force. Regardless of how they choose to reclaim their vehicles, the process can be a frustrating one.

In GTA 5, the simplest way to reclaim your impounded ride is by paying a $250 fee at the LSPD Auto Impound. It's not a bad price, and it's certainly less of a financial drain than the other options. But if you're looking for a more exciting way to get your impounded car, we recommend stealing it from under the cops' noses. This will not only net you a two-star Wanted Level, but it also guarantees that you'll have to outrun the LSPD in order to keep your stolen car.


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