Where is the Tallest Minaret in the World?

June 15, 2023

If you're looking to visit the world's tallest minaret, you'll want to head to Morocco. The Great Mosque of Algiers has secured a page in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to its 265-meter minaret, making it not only the highest in the world, but also the tallest building in Africa. The mosque is designed to withstand earthquakes and its minaret is equipped with lasers that shine at night towards Mecca.

It is considered one of the largest mosques in the world, capable of holding 25,000 worshipers inside its walls and another 80,000 in its grounds. It has a stunning location overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and is a major tourist attraction in Morocco.

The Hassan II Mosque is also renowned for its beautiful interior architecture, with gold-embroidered carpets and chandeliers that add to its elegance. And if you don't make it to Morocco anytime soon, you can still experience the minaret's height and beauty thanks to its live webcam feed.

Soaring over the Delhi skyline at 240 ft, the Qutub Minar is a remarkable sight. It was built as a tower of victory – possibly inspired by Afghan minarets – by Qutbuddin Aibak, the first sultan of Delhi, after defeating Hindu rulers in 1192. Today, it's a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, controversy is brewing over whether 27 temples allegedly demolished in the complex should be restored. A court has rejected a plea to restore them, saying the wrongs of the past shouldn't disturb peace in the future.


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