Where Was Can T Buy Me Love Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Can T Buy Me Love Filmed

Where Was Can T Buy Me Love Filmed?

In addition to a couple of locations in Old Tucson, this 1987 film filmed at Rincon High School and a bowling alley, as well as a few slick scenes shot at a nearby recreation area in the desert called Sabino Canyon. This was a major booster for the city’s economy and resulted in a nice haul of tax dollars for the film.

The Movies This Animated Film Was Made On

For the most part, Can T Buy Me Love was a non-union affair and the Screen Actor’s Guild was not too happy about it. This was probably a good thing for the city and the broader entertainment industry as a whole, but it certainly wasn’t a fun time for actors, crew and the public at large.

The Biggest Loser

As far as winning the movie award goes, Can T Buy Me Love may have been the biggest loser in the end, but it is still a winner when it comes to a laugh a minute. Despite its box office failures, this movie will always be considered a classic for its witty one-liners and cleverly designed sets. It is one of the more enduring teen comedies ever made and it has a cult following, thanks to its memorable characters and slick script.


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