Where Was Greenland Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Greenland Filmed?

Gerard Butler stars in a sci-fi thriller in the upcoming "Greenland" which takes the chaos of a massive comet shooting into Earth and turns it into a movie about family, community and hope for the future. The film is cinematically diverse, featuring jaw-dropping scenes from different locations around the world.

In the story, a couple and their young son are evacuated from their home in Toronto to Greenland after learning that Comet Clarke's largest fragment will hit Western Europe. They are stranded in the cold, ice-covered land and learn that a government bunker complex is positioned nearby to shelter them from the incoming fragments.

They enter the bunker, and are immediately subjected to a horrific vision of ruined cities as fragments from Clarke's outer core slam into the atmosphere, destroying civilization. But the Garritys are able to make contact with other occupants and are relieved when they hear that the atmosphere has cleared and the air is safe for the surviving population to return to their homes.

Costs of Filming in Greenland are High

There are no tax incentives for foreign feature films or commercials to shoot in Greenland, which makes it extremely expensive to get there and also for filming locally, especially for a large scale production. Since little to no filming infrastructure exists, all key crew and equipment must be brought in from abroad and basic local production support is minimal.

To shoot in Greenland, you need to hire a fixer who can provide the correct level of local production support to suit your budget and needs. They will negotiate local deals with hotels, restaurants, and transport, plus provide a full range of production services to match your shooting schedule.


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