Where Was Hang Em High Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Hang Em High Filmed

Where Was Hang Em High Filmed?

In 1968, Clint Eastwood returned to the big screen for the first time in a major role with this classic western directed by Ted Post. The film, which was released at a time when Hollywood was producing films that pushed the boundaries of accepted levels of violence, depicted lynching and hanging in graphic detail as well as gun violence.

The story revolves around a rancher named Jed Cooper (Eastwood) who is wrongly accused of cattle rustling and sentenced to hang. He survives the hangman’s noose but then decides to take revenge on the people who tried to kill him.

One of the locations where the film was filmed is White Sands National Park in New Mexico which is famous for its spectacular scenery and sand dunes. It is also home to the White Sands Missile Range which was used to shoot many of the scenes in the movie.

Other important locations where Hang Em High was filmed include La Posa Plain in Arizona and the MGM Studio in California. These locations were used to film many of the iconic scenes in the movie.

Las Cruces Was A Filming Location For The Movie

Another popular location where Hang Em High was filmed is the Iverson Ranch in southern New Mexico. This ranch has been used to film countless classic westerns over the years and is an excellent destination for those who are interested in visiting old-school movie sets.


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