Where Was Lilies Of The Field Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Lilies Of The Field Filmed

Where Was Lilies Of The Field Filmed?

The 1963 film Lilies of the Field, directed by Ralph Nelson, centers on a travelling man who aids a group of nuns to fulfill their dream of having a chapel on a deserted island. This black and white film is a favorite among viewers even today for its whole-hearted content and promising performances.

Sidney Poitier was a star of the movies in the early 1960s, but this is his only Oscar-winning role. He gave up his normal pay and a percentage of the profits to take this small part in the film.

He made this decision in order to support his family. He also wanted to prove to the world that he was capable of playing a black man.

His acting is quite endearing, showing off his understated charisma and innate class. He displays a zest for life that makes everyone around him adore him.

Despite the fact that he was working on a low budget, he managed to give his best performance in this film and won an Academy Award for it. He was the first African American to win an Oscar for a leading role.

In the movie, Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier) helps a group of nuns to build a chapel on a deserted land. This film was shot in Arizona, and was a huge hit at the box office as audiences loved its heartfelt message.

Some scenes of this film were filmed on Sabino Canyon in Tucson and Kinney Road in Old Tucson. Several images were taken in the Sierrita Mountains and the Tucson Mountains as well. A few frames were shot in the Tanque Verde Falls as well.


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