Where Was Pleasantville Filmed?

March 30, 2023

Where Was Pleasantville Filmed

Pleasantville is a film that focuses on changes in society over the past 50 years. It shows how the world has changed from what it was like in the 50's and shows how it would be impossible to return back to the way it was before.

Where Was Pleasantville Filmed?

The movie was filmed in California and features a number of locations that are not real. They were built specifically for the film. Some of them are a lot more modern than others, but the overall look of Pleasantville was intended to be 1950s.

In addition to these buildings, some of the scenes were filmed inside 2 High Schools: Valencia and St. Anthony Schools in the Los Angeles area.

During the first few scenes in color, many of them were shot inside a gym at these schools. This helped set the scene for the movie and was a great way to get the audience to relate to the characters in the movie.

Another location that was filmed in the movie was the bowling alley. The bowling alley is located on Honolulu Avenue in Montrose, CA.

The film is a great example of a movie that utilizes cinematic techniques such as colour, mise-en-scene, camera shots, costumes and music to tell the story effectively. The movie also has a good cast, with the actors performing well in their roles.

Pleasantville is a great movie that is full of different ideas. It explores how different concepts can come together to change the town of Pleasantville. It also shows the importance of family.


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